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Our current map is divided into four Kingdoms, where players are free to live on their own merit. Forge alliances, rise to prominence, and shape your fate.

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Roleplay Craft is a free to play, RPG themed Minecraft server.

Roleplaycraft is a fun and relaxed survival server we are roleplay optional not a strict roleplay server. Our theme is RPG fantasy and you can create your own areas in any style of building you wish. We have a RPG styled race system, see Races for full details. You can play this server for free with full build rights. If you do choose to donate, you will be rewarded with access to more commands and the coveted, kit diamond. New players must apply for the whitelist to prevent grief and trolling. To join the server, apply for the whitelist here, forum.

For more information on how to join the Teamspeak server, see Important Announcements.

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